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This is a collection of web pages and web sites of Jan Frick.  Some of this will be located with this home page, and some will physical be at other locations. The picture above is not taken from our Skeie cabin, but it could hve been as this kind of sight is common there.

Stavanger Macintosh User Group, SMUG, is a nice place for exchangig ideas and helping each other on issues regarding use of Macintosh computers. Three friends and I started the group in 1985, and even if some people leave and some new arrive, we have run the group with 4-9 meetings a year  since then. But there has been a corona period without meetings. See www.ismug.no for more information. 

IMIbrass is a weekly place for playing music with friends and take part in competitions. 

Ancestor research: MyHeritage-Frick & Relatives. Some time in the early 80-ties  I started to write down facts about ancestors and relatives. Even if the close family is small, the number of people increases really fast when going back some steps and then forward again. First much came from "Bygdebok for Nes" and "Bygdebok for Sirdal" ( and I am not through these yet), and then I came across ancestor books for the families Schanke and Frick. Both are from 1890 so many newer relatives are missing. After that advances goes slower as search in church books and people mentioned at internet takes time. New last year was the MyHeritage publishing at the web which enabled cross-checking with other people searching for ancestors, and also giving my own relatives a chance of providing feedback and updates.  I appreciate the books from Justøy by Ellen Govartsen Tørgersen. The number of people increased a lot when the Garman-ancestor link was included.   

In February 2018 I took part in the Entrepreneurship Development Program at MIT, Sloan School of Management. It can be recommended. In June 2019 UIS will hold a summerschool according to the same principles. In May 2020 this should have been in Bergen.

APMS conference. This is a conference organized each year by IFIP 5.7 group. IFIP is the International Federation for Information Processing. IFIP have several international technical groups, and these have each a number of working groups. So Technical Group 5 have working group number 7 which was established in 1978. I have been a member since early 90-ties. I was i charge of the APMS2011 conference. It was a lot of work but great fun and much dialogue with colleagues and friende´s from many countries.

The APMS conference in 2021 will be in Nantes, France, in August/September.  

CIAM:  Now as Manager. See ciam.uis.no     Annual Reports: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Colibri project. This is an European Erasmus plus strategic partnership project that investigates how to utilize teaching methods and options for developing and running a pan-european mastercourse. The topic chosen is “Future Internet Opportunities”. There are partners and students from Aalborg, Riga, Barcelona, Hamburg, Bydgozcz, Istanbul, Stavanger, Berlin and Athens. The project runs 2014-2017.   

EPIC project. This is an European Erasmus plus strategic partnership project that investigates how students in international teams can do masterthesis (or other projects) together with industry where industry and students comes from different countries. There are partners and students from Aalborg, Riga, Hamburg, Bydgozcz, Barcelona, Kayseri,  Stavanger, and Enschede. The project runs 2017-2020.   


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