2019-2022 EurInd4.0

2019-2022 COM3

2017-? MIT Reap generating Scale-Up for companies

2017-2020 EPIC: Improving Employability through Student Projects, Internationalisation and Collaboration.For setting up international student projects between academia and industry.

2014-2017 Colibri: Future Internet Opportunities 2016

2010-13 Collaborative Nordic Living Lab :

1992- ....    International Manufacturing Strategy Survey:  IMSS E-learning for minorities, 2004-2008 E-learning for minorities, 1999-2003

Greenhouse Entrepreneurship in Russia project, 2006-2010 Knowledge Investment Strategies on Local Level, 6th Framework for research, 2006-2010 European Collaborative Innovation Centre, 2008-2012; Baltic Rural Broadband, 2006-2009   ICT for SME, 1998-2004 RedMeis, 1996-2000 The Nexom OM european academic network, 1998-2002 

Innovative methods for cleaning of waste from mining and petroleum, 2010-2014

FSS Mechatronic: development of study programs in Mechatronic, 2009-2011

(WG 5.7 Integration in Production Management)  APMS2011 conference site

Advances in Production Management Systems   2011-, 1996-1998

(ITRACT) – Improving transport and accessibility through new communication technologies. 2011-2014

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