Courses 2017-2019


Spring 2017 & 2018 & 2019: BØK 350 "Operation Managemen"t for Bachelor student. (Providing an overview of Operation Management and how topics fit together in a factory)

Spring 2017: "Future Internet Opportunities 2016” for Master students from 7 European Universities  Part of the Colibri Erasmus Plus Strategic partnership program.

Autumn 2017& 2018: MØA255 "Supplychain & Lean Management" for Master students
(Short overview of Operation Management but focussing on selected core issues by essays and presentations)

Autumn 2017 & 2018: BØK 385 “Entrepreneurship and business plan" for Bachelor student

Spring and Autumn 2018: Lean Management (in collaboration with Næringsforeningen)

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